Chalante serves as an external source of innovation to support animal health, animal well-being and performance. Our technology platform enables development of a pipeline of novel bioactive molecules and improved methods for their manufacture, inspired by nature and evolution. Our early product focus is the development of valuable parasiticides for food and companion animals that address unmet needs in animal health. The goal for commercializing our products is to advance them through the earlier, higher risk stages of discovery and development for which we have expertise to add maximum value. After the early development work, we plan to partner with companies that can bring our products to market.

Our lead programs are designed to:


Overcome the threat of resistance
to food animal parasiticides



Overcome the threat of resistance
to existing parasiticides in pets



Chalante was cofounded and developed by biotechnology and innovation company Acidophil, which also provided seed finance with additional grant support from Innovate UK.   Chalante collaborates closely with key innovation partners Isomerase Therapeutics and New Path Molecular, utilizing management support from Acidophil as required, to bring unique technology solutions to problems in the animal health sector. Our virtual business model allows us to deliver a broad range of capabilities without rigid infrastructure and excessive overheads.

Chalante is currently raising its Series A finance and is open to discussions from interested investors.

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